Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are specifically designed financial products for borrowers who have a poor credit rating or have accumulated an unhealthy amount of debt over the years.

What are Bad Credit Loans?

Loans for bad credit have come about as a result of people failing to meet their monthly payments on time for whatever type of personal loan they have taken out. Not just for those with an adverse credit history, the best loans for bad credit also cater for self-employed and unemployed customers. Because of the sheer abundance of them on the market, bad credit loan applicants are encouraged to consider different types of bad credit personal loans to assess what the best loan for bad credit is for them.

Bad Credit Personal Loans

A bad credit personal loan is most commonly offered by bad credit loan lenders as either an unsecured loan or a secured loan. Unsecured bad credit loans have simple repayment plans whereby the borrower repays some of their loan each month with interest. An unsecured bad credit loan will nevertheless come with a high rate of interest due to the risks this bad credit loan lender will face and so customers may want to opt for a secured loan for bad credit instead. Secured loans for bad credit are taken out as a type of long term bad credit loan and require borrowers to secure their loan against something of value, e.g. a house. As a result of this, interest rates will be lower as there is less danger of the provider losing their money, though if they continue to fall behind on payments, borrowers could have their property repossessed.

Small Loans for Bad Credit

Differing from these long term bad credit loans, applicants may alternatively want to consider more short term loans to suit their needs. Small loans for bad credit are the easiest to come by as they offer customers more manageable amounts of money to be repaid within a few weeks. One type of small loan for bad credit is a bad credit payday loan. Like all payday loans, bad credit payday loans are renowned for charging extortionate fees, though may be the best short-term solution for borrowing emergency cash before a customer’s next payday.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

Some bad credit lenders offer more niche products such as bad credit auto loans, which provide car loans designed for people who would otherwise struggle to obtain such a product.

Bad Credit Loans Online

One common feature of these products is, surprisingly, applicants will find out straightaway if they have been approved for most types of bad credit loans. Instant decision providers can accept customers within minutes when applying for bad credit loans online. This is due to the fact that with bad credit loans, little or no credit check is carried out on the applicant as almost anyone is eligible for a loan for bad credit. If approved, instant bad credit loans will usually have the funds transferred to a person’s account within 24 hours.

Though they can be incredibly risky and expensive, with certain bad credit loans, no loan charges are levied during the application process, and some good deals can be found. As long as an applicant looks for the right bad credit lender, such a loan can help them begin rebuilding their credit rating to qualify for more credit products in the future.

Advice on Bad Credit Loans

Borrowers are advised to seek advice before taking out bad credit loans. Many independent, non-profit organisations offer free debt advice; they can help people improve their debt management so they do not have to take out bad credit loans.